Restoration project on a beautiful plot in the countryside Ref:: V-RAM

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Proyecto de restauración en preciosa parcela en el campo Ref: V-RAM

Beautiful land in the countryside with the possibility of restoring existing buildings.

This property is located in the natural park. It's in a quiet area, in a site bordered by imposing rock formations. It is a privileged place in terms of nature, with few neighbors and a plot of land conducive to creating a very special garden.

The farm has its own well of about 35,000L of capacity, made in solid construction and with crystal clear water whose flow is continuous and supplies the property with good pressures it is located in the highest part of the land. There is a smaller well in the lower part whose water is used to water the garden. There is a third well in the center of the estate; near old cork trees, olive trees, laurels and sandinians, that feeds a small water pond surrounded by lilies in permanence. Part of the farm has grass in full health even in summer so it is very likely that there is more water under the surface. This abundance of water gives rise to a festival of continuous visits of the local birds from dawn.

There are numerous fruit trees such as fig trees, Vines, plum trees, quinces etc… And tomatoes and peppers have recently been grown, and other common products in orchards.

The property also has electricity.

Regarding constructions, There are 3 little houses, a small barn, a chicken coop and an oven currently demolished. The total area is slightly less than 150 m2 and the built surface is around 110 m2. The constructions have had their roofs restored with iron beams.

The 3 main constructions have a little central patio covered by a vine. The small barn is a little separated from the rest fo constructions.

In short it is a property that is very well located and with great potential to create a small paradise in the countryside.


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